Another Apprentice is Launched


Back-side of the Chilkat face by Crystal Rogers

Crystal Rogers has returned towards completion of her child-size Chilkat robe.  She began her apprenticeship with me last summer during our Chilkat weaving retreat and tour in Yukon and the northern parts of southeast Alaska.  (Click here to read about the weaving tour and see many, many photos)

Front side of Crystal's Chilkat face of her child-size robe

Front side of Crystal’s Chilkat face of her child-size robe

Any student or apprentice who learns Chilkat weaving with me is directly part of Jennie Thlunaut’s Chilkat weaving legacy.  I am proud of Crystal for completing her Chilkat face.  She has learned just about everything I learned from Jennie Thlunaut nearly 30 years ago…now she is on the Chilkat path of a life-long learning process  by way of weaving, weaving, weaving!!!  Congratulations Crystal! — Anytime you need assistance in your weaving, you know how to get a hold of me!


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