3rd Year Attending Heard Museum Indian Art Fair & Market

Doing art markets alone is not as much fun, however if you get along with other artists who may want to do the show alongside with you, like Sue and Israel Shotridge, it’s so much more fun!  We… Read More

Have You Seen The “Chilkat Mini-Coopers?”

Let’s go for a quick road-trip in one of these “Chilkat Mobiles” zipping through the Redwood Forests and out across Canyonlands and Arches National Monuments sliding into Sedona across the Mohave dessert and up towards the Rocky Mountains! … Read More

Clarissa’s Tentative Schedule for the Arts 2015

I am currently gearing up for a full year of travel to art shows, cultural center openings,  and of course visiting my kids and grandkids along the way!  Here’s my 2015 show schedule (subject to change): 1).  Heard… Read More

Letting Go of My “Chilkat Mobile”

My “Chilkat Mobile” is originally from Juneau, Alaska.  In December I put the car on the ferry for a 3-day sail to the port of Bellingham, Washington State.  From Bellingham, I drove down to the mountains above Los… Read More

Handling a Large Box for the Airlines

When I travel back and forth by plane from Colorado to Alaska, or vice versa, I have never traveled light.  I am always loaded with my work, supplies, fish, berries, etc.  Many years ago, my father showed me… Read More

At the Evergreen Longhouse Holiday Market

The Evergreen Longhouse Holiday Art Market is generally held for two days the 2nd weekend in December in Olympia, WA.  Sue Shotridge and I decided to do one day, Saturday, December 13th.  A couple of weeks prior we… Read More

Back in the Recording Studio

Our names and personalities are as individually artistic as our band name “Khu.eex” which means “potlatch” in Tlingit.     Preston called us together for the past three days to record the vocals with the already-recorded instrumentation.  We… Read More

Presentation at P.A.M.

Many, many years ago, if you asked me to get in front of other people and talk about whatever, no matter what size the audience, and no matter if the speech would be in front of my family… Read More

Three Days Off…On the Ferry

Heading south for the Winter, I took my “Chilkat Mobile” filled with most of my artwork of prints, greeting cards, weavings, and supplies.  I have a full month ahead of me; once I arrive in Bellingham, Washington, on… Read More

At the Alaska Juneau Public Market

I remember when Peter Metcalfe, the producer/director of the Alaska-Juneau Public Market first started this venue for artists and craftspeople back in the early 80’s.  The Public Market replaced the Juneau Arts Council’s “Holiday Fair and Market” started… Read More