IAndrew Hope III at the Clan Conference, Sitka, Alaska 2007A

Andy Hope III at the Clan Conference, 2007 - Photo by Peter Metcalfe

Andy Hope III with son, Ishmael Hope and granddaughter, Elizabeth Deanna Hope Andy Hope with son, Ishmael Hope and his newborn granddaughter, Elizabeth Deanna Hope - January 2008 - photos by Peter Metcalfe

Below: Andy Hope III with sons, Andy Hope IV and Ishmael Hope - 1984

Andy Hope III with son, Ishmael Hope and granddaughter, Elizabeth Deanna Hope




December 23, 1949 - August 7, 2008

In the Spring 2005, Andy asked me to participate in the Alaska Systemic Initiative Program at the University of Alaska Juneau to teach school teachers how to teach math through Chilkat weaving.


During a teleconference meeting with the other instructors, he said there was an allownce for the materials for the class and asked if $30 per student was enough to pay for the materials and a book on Chilkat weaving. I told him the only book written about Chilkat weaving was $30. (Oh? That takes up all the allowance for materials and supplies; what are we gonna do?) He then asked if I had any hand-outs or a book; he was surprised to discover that I had no written material on Chilkat weaving. (I had always taught my classes the way I was taught, in an indigenous manner: hands-on without a book). Then he said "How come? Why don't you do it?" I replied: "I never thought of it...duh?" He encouraged me to write the handbook "...just go do Whatever you do will be good; it'll be better than not having done it...!"

Within the two months prior to the class, I researched through all my weaving journals. While writing the book, it was an emotional, exciting and uplifting jouney. I was satisfied with "Jennie Weaves An Apprentice: A Chilkat Weavers' handbook." I am presently working on a revised edition printed in hard copy instead of the present spiral-bound.

Juneau resident Andrew "Andy" John Hope III died after a brief battle with cancer on Aug. 7, 2008, at the Mount Edgecumbe Hospital in Sitka, surrounded by family. He was 58.

He was born Dec. 23, 1949, in Sitka. An enrolled citizen of the Sitka Tribe of Alaska, he was of the Sik'nax.ádi (Eagle/Wolf Moiety/ Killer Whale-Brown Bear crest), X'aan Hít (Red Clay House) and the child of the Kiks.ádi (Raven Moiety/Frog crest). His Tlingit names were Xaastanch (Killer Whales Coming Down in a Wave), and Néech Deiw (Stopped at the Beach).

Author, educator and tradition-bearer, he was a leading advocate for Alaska Native education. At the time of his death, Hope was executive director of the Sharing Our Knowledge Tlingit Clan Conference. He previously served as regional coordinator of the Alaska Rural Systemic Initiative of the University of Alaska, as a tribal enrollment officer for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and as administrator of the Sitka Tribe of Alaska.

"He upheld his family in a loving way," his mother said. "His family was happy to live in his shadow."
His family and friends recalled his words: "You don't need to take the credit, let others take the credit, as long as the work gets done."

He was dearly loved and will be missed by his family and many friends, they said.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Elizabeth "Sister" Goodwin Hope; first wife, Ann Beaudion; and father, Andrew "John" Hope Jr.

He is survived by his mother, Christine Littlefield; siblings and their spouses, Kathy and George Erickson, Gerry Hope and Vicki D'Amico, and Greg and Ellen Littlefield; children, Christopher and Tillie Hope, and Andrew Percy Hope IV, Ishmael Hope and fiance' Lily Hudson; stepdaughter, Violet Goodwin; and grandchildren, Michael Hope, DJ Hatmaker, Ryan Samuelson, Jacob and Felisha Hope, and Elizabeth Hope.


A traditional Tlingit ceremony was held at 5 p.m. at the Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall Camp 1. He lay in state at the Kayaashka Hít (Coho House), until 5 p.m. Sunday, when the ANB memorial service began at the ANB Hall. The funeral service was held at 4 p.m. Monday at St. Michael's Orthodox Cathedral. Receptions followed each day's program.

Pallbearers: Ishmael Hope, Andrew Hope IV, Michael Hope, George Erickson, Christopher Hope, and Ralph Brady. Honorary pallbearers: Herman Davis, Harold Jacobs, Fred Hope, Isabella Brady, Lydia George, Willie Goodwin, John Littlefield, Peter Metcalfe, Ishmael Reed and Carla Blank, Sergei Kan, Steve Langdon; co-workers of the Alaska Rural Systemic Initiative, and Van Morrison.



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