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One-Day Chilkat Skills Class: Gain Confidence As a Chilkat Weaver

March 4th, 2014 by Clarissa

Just finished the eyebrows of the Chilkat face – the “being” can now “express” it’s emotions…

I envision many of you Chilkat weavers have started this year off with a project or two on your loom(s), or you are at least intending to complete the one(s) you have on your loom(s) this year!  I would like to help inspire and assist you to complete your project(s) and gain confidence as a weaver of Chilkat.

I will be conducting a workshop in Chilkat weaving for just one day in Juneau the day AFTER Celebration on Sunday, June 15th.  (Some of you who are from out of town may make arrangements to spend another day to attend this valuable workshop!)    My daughter, Lily Hope will be my assistant.

This workshop is for experienced weavers of all levels. “Experienced” meaning you have at least some basic knowledge of how to warp your loom, how to weave the two strand twine and the three-strand braid, etc.  This workshop is about refining your skills and gaining confidence as a weaver of Chilkat.

It doesn’t matter to me if you learned from another Chilkat weaver or were a student of mine, we are all in the same boat – you are welcomed to attend.

The workshop will focus on tricks-of-the-trade skills learned from Jennie Thlunaut and those that I developed the past 30 years of weaving.  These include (but are not limited to):

  • Jennie’s fingering technique for grace, speed and accuracy  (Weave a Chilkat robe in 5 to 6 months instead of a year!  Yes, this can be your reality!)
  • Why we “open wide”  (no, this has nothing to do with mouths)
  • Why we “give it the finger”  (no, this has nothing to do with behavioral problems)  
  • Jennie’s methods of warp markers, creating square corners with your braids, how to interlock gracefully, etc.  (Learned from the  
  • The importance of paying attention to your braids (like the way you pay attention to your hair braids)
  • Why and where you would use two different shades of weft  (even Museum staff wonder why this technique was used in the old robes)
  • How to weave the various types of noses (let’s make the weaving of noses fun!)
  • Which color is woven first when interlocking on a curve (you wouldn’t think so, but this technique is very important)
  • Turning the corners of your eyes (oh so very, very important; the mainstay of Chilkat eyes!)
  • Splicing (you will know when you are doing this wrong!)
  • the “fast-black” weavers (is it a person, place or thing?)
  • spinning warp tricks-of-trade (fine warp and weft produces fine weave)
  • how to avoid shoulder, neck and back aches  (what!?  As if this is important!?)
  • exercise while weaving  (yep, get on the ball, folks; tone yourself up while you weave!)
  • why it is best to have several weavings going at once  (like I have time to weave more than one weaving!?)
  • And whatever else you need to know!  (Be assertive; create your list of questions now and bring them to class!)


  • Sunday, June 15, 2014  (the day after Celebration ends)   
  • 9am to 3pm

TBA — I have not found a location just yet.  I am looking into this.  The location depends on the number of people who are interested in this workshop.  I may conduct the workshop in someone’s home if we have 10 people or less (because I like having a kitchen so we can eat!), or if we have more than 10,  we conduct the workshop in an office boardroom or possibly the JACC, etc.

If you have a suggestion for a location, please let me know.


  • I will not be supplying any materials and supplies.  You must bring your own loom already “dressed” with your weaving project on it.
  • If you need any warp to start a new project before this class begins,  I will contact our two warp spinners  Ricky Tagaban or Teahonna James; place your orders ASAP.


  • You will need to bring your own weaving project already on your loom; also your own tapestry needle, scissors, twine, notebook, pen/pencil, camera
  • You may take as many photographs as you want though I will not allow video taping.
  • bring food to share (we will be eating our lunch together)


  • bring your own body ball (click here to see what this is)

Deadline for sign up:

  • June 10
  • Maximum # of students:  20


  • $50  cash, check, or visa
  • Make payment by June 10th; the earlier the better to reserve your spot in the class
  • I will be in Juneau by June 10th
  • If you need to pay via visa, we can meet up and I’ll swipe your card on my “Square”; if you pay by check, make it out to “Clarissa Rizal” – and of course, cash keeps things simple and is always welcome!

After Class at 4-5pm:
Directly after class, for about an hour or so, I will be available to talk to those of you who want to be a self-employed artist; those who want to weave, weave and weave, but are wary about making a living at your work.  I know that after 37 years of being a full-time, self-employed artist working in a variety of mediums and raising three kids and a husband all the while, I am a living testament to “it can be done!”   I can help provide you some advice and opportunities which may assist you in working towards this goal.   I will provide you with a list of do’s and don’ts, grant organizations, entrepreneur classes at IAIA, and a couple of methods to make residual income.  There will be no charge for this information.  Let me know if you are interested and I will pencil you in!

if you are interested in taking this one-day class, contact me via phone (970-903-8386) or email (

Let’s face it, we’re going to have a blast!  (Like “Hello!”  —   imagine a room of weavers “weaving on the ball!”)

Thank you for your time and interest!

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