Since 1989, Clarissa has been teaching Chilkat weaving workshops, apprenticeships and spearheading Chilkat weavers’ retreats and gatherings in Alaska, Washington State, British Columbia, Yukon and Colorado.  Clarissa’s schedule for 2015 and 2016 is as follows though the calendar is subject to change and is updated periodically.  Thank you for your interest!


Chilkat/Ravenstail Weaving Apprenticeships

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Five 1-month Apprenticeships during 2016:  Select February, March, April, October, or November

See below under “Apprenticeship” guidelines for details on how you would qualify for an apprenticeship

Contact Clarissa if you are interested

Chilkat/Ravenstail/Cedarbark Weaving

Lobby of Centennial Hall, Juneau, Alaska

Clan Conference, October 28 through November 1, 2015

This educational experience for the general public is basically the same outline of a presentation and demonstration conducted during the clan conferences in 2009 and 2014 where we asked several weavers from the local communities near and far to demonstrate the various aspects of preparating, spinning and weaving in the Chilkat, Ravenstail and Cedar bark styles

 If you are interested in being a part of this presentation to the general public’s education on the weaving styles amongst the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimpshian nations,

Contact Lily Hope at:

or Clarissa Rizal at:

Chilkat/Ravenstail Weaving Class

Vashon Island, Washington State

Thursday, September 17 – Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sponsored by Raven’s Nest Gallery

Contact Sue Shotridge:

Chilkat/Ravenstail Weaving Class

Teslin, Yukon Canada

Thursday, July 23 through Wednesday, July 29

Teslin Cultural Center

Contact Melaina Staddon for details:>


Chilkat Weaving Class

Juneau, AK

Saturdays beginning May 16th

May 16th – June 13th, 2015

This class is intended for weavers who have some Chilkat weaving experience at all levels.  Students will learn:

  • Jennie Thlunaut’s fingering techniques
  • Chilkat weaver’s spiritual guidance
  • Technical weaving techniques
  • Overcome blockages
  • Tricks-of-the-trade
  • Design basics (do’s & don’ts)
Students are required to bring their own project already started on their loom(s), whether the project is a pouch, apron or robe, with all their necessary:

  • weft yarns
  • pattern
  • scissors, notebook, tapestry needle
  • sack lunch & water to drink throughout class
  • sense of humor


To qualify for an apprenticeship in Chilkat weaving with Clarissa, here are the requirements:

  • A member of a Northwest Coast tribe including Tlingit, Haida, Tsimpshian, etc.
  • OR a member of another Native American tribe and adopted into a NWC tribe
  • OR if non-Native, married to a NWC man and an active member of the Native community
  • OR if non-Native, adopted into a NWC clan and are an active member of the Native community
  • Must have strong desire to weave Chilkat with patience, perseverance and dedication to self
  • Some weaving experience (i.e. basketry, Ravenstail, or 4-harness loom), or other handwork experience such as knitting, crotcheting
  • Ability to carve a month out of your schedule to focus on Chilkat weaving
  • The monetary support to pay for instructor’s fees, equipment, supplies and pattern design
  • A life-long commitment to learning Chilkat weaving (because we don’t learn it all over night!)
  • Demonstration of commitment to the preservation and perpetuation of NWC Native cultures