“Tributes” includes bios and statements of those who have guided me at various times in my life as a full-time artist for nearly 40 years.  Tributes include:

  • Maternal grandparents, Juan and Mary Sarabia
  • Parents, William and Irene Lampe
  • Traditional song, dance & regalia-making instructor, Harry K. Bremner, Sr.
  • Chilkat weaving teacher & mentor, Jennie Thlunaut
  • Apprenticeship with Jennie Thlunaut
  • Jennie Thlunaut’s daughter, Agnes Bellinger
  • First boss at first job, Dove Kull
  • High school art teacher, Max Lewis
  • High school 1st NWC art instructor, Peter Bibb



Photo:  “Copper Woman” 5-piece Chilkat and Ravenstail weaving ensemble includes Ravenstail robe, Chilkat apron, Chilkat pouch, Ravenstail capelet and Chilkat/Ravenstail headdress – Permanent Collection of Anchorage Museum of History & Art, Anchorage, Alaska – ©2002 Clarissa Rizal