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The following are links to my children’s websites as well as those of whom I have worked with or supported me on a variety of projects.   If you are an artist, gallery or arts organization and would like to be a part of the links on my website just Contact Me!

Artstream Alaska is the non-profit arts organization based in Alaska and New Jersey supporting artists and musicians from around the country since 2000 – Board of Directors include co-founder Clarissa Rizal and Donna Beaver

Alaska Native Storyteller (son-in-law) Ishmael Hope shares stories from his Inupiaq and Tlingit heritages, perfoming across Alaska and the U.S., for all ages and a variety of audiences. A writer, actor and an enthusiastic learner and educator of Alaska Native art and culture, he is deeply involved in cultural events of his people frequently sharing through workshops, classrooms and conferences.

Haastyle Art (son-in-law) painter and sculptor, Chris Haas is preoccupied with collecting animal skulls into a parallel way of life.  Using mixed media, the skulls are given the same mystical aura known in his creations.  H provides the skulls a second lease on life, meticulously reanimating them back into our dimension.

Alaskan Tlingit Totem pole & canoe carver Wayne Price at Silver Cloud Art Center located in Haines, Alaska, Wayne is one of the few Tlingit carvers skilled in the making of the traditional Tlingit dugout canoes – Silver Cloud Center also hosts cultural events including Chilkat weavers gatheirngs, drum-making, regalia-making, traditional song & dance, and subsistence knowledge & skills.

Alaskan Tlingit carver & multi-media artist, Israel Shotridge is a traditional carver with a humble sense of humor specializing in carving totem poles and house posts, as well as a print-maker, from Ketchikan, Alaska presently living on Vashon Island, Washington State

Alaskana Botanicals Jan Parrish is a longtime alchemist who wildcrafts in Hoonah, Alaska. She spends many an hour seeking wild plants to create her all natural line of products. She has practied Chinese acupuncture and herbal/nutritional medicine for over 20 years. Check out her salves including Devil’s Club, Spruce tip, and Comfrey!

Preston Singletary Alaskan Tlingit glass artist residing in Seattle, Washington has worked with Artstream to create the Northwest Coast Artists’ Gatherings in 2006 and 2008.

Alaskan Tlingit Film-maker/Director Kahlil Hudson (Clarissa’s son) received his Masters from UCLA in both film-making and cinematography, traveling the world over with his Finback Films, he also teaches film-making at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, living with his wife and daughter.

Alaskan Tlingit Storyteller/Actress Lily Hope(Clarissa’s eldest daughter) is receiving her Masters in Education striving to be one of Alaska’s few Native school teachers; she is owner of the Northwest Coast Weavers’ Supply, currently living in Juneau, Alaska with her husband Ishmael Hope and their four children

Alaskan Tlingit Webdesigner/artist Ursala Hudson (Clarissa’s youngest), a multi-faceted, multi-media artist who home-schooled the first 9 years of her life; with a BFA she is President of the Pagosa Charter School Intiative,  and is currently living in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, with her husband and and two daughters.

Alaskan Tlingit Multi-media artist, Donna Beaver is a graphic artist, photographer, poet and writer presently working for the U.S. Geological Survey as a web-designer/media specialist, currently living in New Jersey, she creates exhibits featuring Northwest Coast Native art motifs combined with images of Nature

Haiku Chronicles Husband and Wife team, Donna Beaver and All Pizzarelli are the co-founders/co-directors of this on-line international newsletter featuring writings and podcasts from writers across the nation.

Contemporary painter/collage artist, Cecil Touchon astounding paintings and collages influenced Clarissa’s contemporary paintings; Cecil currently lives in Santa Fe, NM with his wife, Rosalia and daughter, Nisa.

Alaska Indian Arts, of the few early organizations and art center that supported Tlingit arts started in the early 60’s based in Haines, Alaska at Ft. Seward