“Haa leek u has yaagu haa shukaadei yaan tukoox”

(Translation: In our grandfather’s canoe, we are traveling into the future)

“40th Anniversary of Huna Totem Corporation (HTC)”

Collection of the Huna Totem Corporation 
© July 2013 Clarissa Rizal

The blanket portrays Huna’s grandfathers’, canoe moving into the future with the four original Huna clans: Chookeneidi, Wooshkeetaan, Kaagwaantaan, and T’akdeintaan represented within the canoe’s design. Eagle and Raven are centrally located inside the canoe as they are the foundation of the Tlingit social structure and identity while holding the copper T’naa, because together they share the responsibility of carrying the wealth of history, culture, arts and way of life to the next generation. Mt. Fairweather, a landmark of great historical value in the Huna Tlingit culture, is represented in the background.